“Cate and I did many projects together. She was always a pleasure to work with. She has a great design sense.”

“I have never had a better professional experience than working with you on our beautiful new river bungalow project. You are an unusually gifted architect with a marvelous facility for insightful listening and clear communication. Thank you very much for your superb work on our behalf.”

– Bob and Susan Brecht

“Cate was just fantastic to work with. She presented plans and provided oversight for a sensitive renovation to our 100+ year old craftsman/colonial revival seaside home that continues to thrill us each day. Her design sense is impeccable, she has a solid point of view and an intuition to anticipate our needs up front that enabled us to capture all we wanted and kept the project on track. Her keen ability to navigate the complex world of codes, and her positive attitude brought us in on target. I would hire her again tomorrow if I could ever leave the comfort of the home she helped create.”

“Cate helped us remodel a 1970s Northwest house, keeping the elements that we loved while transforming dated rooms, cabinets and materials into a home that works today. Her architectural skills allowed us to keep a kitchen island while she was shedding tiny wall cabinets, as well as add a powder room on the main level.

Her expertise was very valuable in creating the color palette for the house and selecting countertop materials and tiles for the bathrooms and kitchen. She designed a custom all-in-one bed, headboard, night tables, bench and built-in pop-up TV.

Cate was always available, gently guiding us while giving us space to make our decisions. She was able to build a constructive relationship with our macho contractor who was not used to hearing from a woman!”